Emily’s Projects

Emily Landis Walker’s career includes a diverse range of innovative as well as strategic projects in the government, multilateral organisations, humanitarian and private sectors.

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Project Highlights

Blockchain & Crypto-Currency

Emily Landis Walker began her journey with a blockchain dual token start-up, travelling globally to understand the ecosystem of the newest value technology and understanding the global regulatory environment.

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Nanotechnology Strategy

In 2014, Emily Landis Walker joined OCSiAl LLC, a global nanotechnology firm, as Head of Corporate Affairs. In this role, her portfolio of responsibility includes Strategic Planning and Investor Relations.

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Bank of the Future

Emily Landis Walker was given a task in the context of managing a Kuwait bank’s corporate strategy to create the “Bank of the Future”.

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Emergency Preparedness

Emily Landis Walker has made significant contributions to the development of international standards for emergency preparedness in the private sector, an entirely new area of focus.

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