Emily Landis Walker on Resilience: It’s Personal


Emily Walker sharing her views on personal resilience.

Over the past 30 years, I have faced many situations where my personal resilience has been called upon.  The bottom line from facing seemingly overwhelming challenges in personal and professional situations is a learning curve  every day in my life.  In future posts, I will give examples of why I have written these thoughts.

Pick yourself us when you face tragedy or obstacles:   Don’t blame. Breathe, find your inner self and make a contribution that helps.

Focus.  Getting distracted wastes time and breeds potential for failure.

Deliver.  Old cliché but the proof is totally in the pudding.

Delegate. Doing it all by yourself is not a recipe for success nor does it help nuture and grow others.

Respect. Cultural, religious and other diversity need respect in all cases.  Everyone counts.

Exercise and take care of yourself. Without being and feeling fully functional, nothing can really get done well.

Walk the talk.  People see the result, not your words.

“No” is not an answer.  The real question is always “how”.

Rehearse.   The exceptional performers are those who practice over and over again.

Be human.  No one is totally personal or totally corporate.  Personal lives are important.

Make your mark.  Every vote or action, however seemingly small, does count.

Be careful in what you say and do.  You undoubtedly will see the person again in some life path.

Express your thanks.  Often overlooked, but more than good manners, people who do something nice deserve a thank you.

Be part of the team.  If you are not in agreement, don’t fake it. Decide whether you are in or out.

Give generously, unexpectedly and without a return receipt.  Flowers always bring a smile.