2015 – Happy Year of the Goat! From Asia

I know it is a cliché, but some times things happen that you least expect and that you are not looking for.  They bring a smile to your life and in my case a whole month.  What is even more amazing is that I was not searching.  The happiness found me.

December was a tough month – travel around the world and a memorial service for my dear father – with the whole family in town to celebrate his life.  We spread his ashes over the Gulf of Mexico as he wished and my daughters sang beautifully Judy Garland’s rendition of “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. Little did I know that the rainbow would shine on me.

For some reason, I get moments of sparkle and challenges that turn into successes.  I don’t expect more.  But when something more comes your way and it brings a daily smile, I savor every moment and cherish the positive.  My view on what is possible becomes stronger and that brightens my day each morning I wake up.

Lesson learned is that dull Januarys can become a bright spot to charge you up through the year.  Appreciating the impact someone special can have in your life, makes the other rather difficult and challenging become possible.

So Happy 2015 and from Asia – Happy Year of the Goat.