American’s Overseas – Political Action Committee

“Giving a Voice to Americans Overseas”

Emily Walker helped found a new Political Action Committee designed to encourage Americans overseas to vote and have a voice in front of the legislators in Washington, D.C.   The PAC was announced after Super Tuesday and can be found on  The goal is to encourage Americans to register to vote and to coalesce in a way that their voice is heard “inside the Beltway”.  Too often, American politicians do NOT recognize that the overseas voters not only are Ambassadors for America, but that if they were listened to, their viewpoint would provide an external view that should and must be heard.  Political Action Committees can donate to campaigns and can ask that their voice be heard through campaign contributions and votes.  And as we know, the votes from Americans overseas can make a difference in an election with the numbers of Americans overseas topping 8 million potential voters.

avi-pac-overview 6 Feb 2016