Helping the deaf in Mexico – Taki Mundo

“Fate works in ways we can’t see” as Gregg Robins says in his songs. I took the opportunity to help in an initiative that has been a passion of mine; sparked by watching my mother’s impact on others through her own talent and dedication. My friend Linda Walker, honorary consul for Mexico in Switzerland, was supporting a deaf school in Mexico. I said, “Actually, my mother taught the deaf. She was a leading expert in the US in the field. I grew up with deaf children around me”. So I was glad to help.

I spent last week in Mexico City to participate in a fundraising effort for taki mundo – a school from beginning to end for deaf children in Mexico started and run by Astrid von Reding (from Switzerland with Mexican connections).

I spoke at the Swiss Ambassador’s residence in Mexico City and was overwhelmed with the support from all who understand how important deaf education is to the future of these children.

Critical support from companies who participate in the hearing impaired world included Sandrine DUPRIEZ Directora General / Managing Director en Sonova Mexico who made this event special.

We should all support those groups for whom we care and who need our support.