What it takes to be thankful for successful children

As I try to think about how they turned out so successful beyond the fact that they are smart, energized, passionate, and work hard from their own volition, I think the key is giving them opportunities, taking them with you on your journey, walking the talk and leading by example.

They were given privileged experiences, but only because I took them there. They learned from these adventures, and they struggled (moving schools and towns every other year). The key may have been walking the talk, not talking the walk. Just a thought. In the end, they are my best achievement. Lawyer and MBA. With a future ahead of them that I could only hope for. Go MOMs.

Newport Rhode Island Lifestyle

A stunning 4 bed 3 1/2 bath over 4000 Sq foot colonial in Newport, Rhode Island on Thames Street on the Point.  Walk to Newport Harbor.  Built in 1750, the James Nicholl House reflects all the history and charm that Newport has to offer.

Amenities include four working fireplaces, restored hardwood floors, chef’s kitchen, nautical bar, custom shutters, double glazed windows, central air, office with separate entrance. Ample closet space and private sitting areas. Easy entertaining with nautical bar. Private dining room/fireplace and entrance to private garden off kitchen. Contact me if you are interested.

Hurricane IRMA observations

Having served on the 9-11 Commission and developed the national standards for Emergency Preparedness for the Private sector as well as living in Naples, Florida where the eye of IRMA hit, in September 2017, I have some observations.

  1. Mandatory evacuation means LEAVE. No one is responsible for you if you stay.
  2. Communications never work during a disaster. Ever. Some apps work as walkie-talkies (ZELLO)
  3. Predictions on the path of a hurricane are not accurate, so take the precautions.
  4. Supplies needed: Charging devices (needing D batteries) and gallons of water;
  5. Take essentials with you (Drivers license, passport, insurance papers);
  6. Take photos of home contents prior to the storm;
  7. Generators are life-savers, but they require gas to run and they can’t run AC;
  8. Remove goods from refrigerator before you leave;
  9. Turn water off and all fuse box to prevent power surge from blowing up equipment when power recovers;
  10. Store car in safe place full of gas
  11. Use NOAA for satellite imagery of disaster to see real-time disaster updates:
  12. Assume Insurance inspectors and FEMA response will take time;
  13. If you live where there are community assessments, be prepared for special assessments because insurance deductibles are high and landscaping/tree damage and removal are not insured.