Hurricane IRMA observations

Having served on the 9-11 Commission and developed the national standards for Emergency Preparedness for the Private sector as well as living in Naples, Florida where the eye of IRMA hit, in September 2017, I have some observations.

  1. Mandatory evacuation means LEAVE. No one is responsible for you if you stay.
  2. Communications never work during a disaster. Ever. Some apps work as walkie-talkies (ZELLO)
  3. Predictions on the path of a hurricane are not accurate, so take the precautions.
  4. Supplies needed: Charging devices (needing D batteries) and gallons of water;
  5. Take essentials with you (Drivers license, passport, insurance papers);
  6. Take photos of home contents prior to the storm;
  7. Generators are life-savers, but they require gas to run and they can’t run AC;
  8. Remove goods from refrigerator before you leave;
  9. Turn water off and all fuse box to prevent power surge from blowing up equipment when power recovers;
  10. Store car in safe place full of gas
  11. Use NOAA for satellite imagery of disaster to see real-time disaster updates:
  12. Assume Insurance inspectors and FEMA response will take time;
  13. If you live where there are community assessments, be prepared for special assessments because insurance deductibles are high and landscaping/tree damage and removal are not insured.