TAKI MUNDO Charity for the Deaf Mexico City Fundraiser April 19, 2018

Please join me in donating to Taki Mundo a Swiss charity set up in Mexico to help deaf children receive an education.  We are hosting our fundraising event in Mexico City to secure operating expenses for the next year along the route to building a new school for the children.  I look forward to a successful event and welcome your personal donation.  Read more…

Two years ago, my friend Linda Walker, told me about a charity she was supporting in Mexico through her role as Honorary Counsel for Switzerland to Mexico.  When she described the project as a school for the deaf who are otherwise often left undeserved, my heart lit up.   My mother, Jane Landis, was a leading deaf educator during her career.  I grew up with deaf children, spending time in the world of the hand waving versus clapping deaf and hard of hearing crowd.  The opportunity to participate as an Ambassador to this charity, which is providing well-needed education for these students, has been an honour and a privilege.

I am honored to be on the Board of this charity and support its worthy cause in honor of my mother, Jane Landis, a deaf educator during her entire career.  My colleagues on the Board work tirelessly to help the founder Astrid von Reding achieve her goals.  We have a wonderful time working together and I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with this amazing team.  Thanks to Linda Walker, Oscar Santamaria, Sandrine Dupriez, Carlos F. Buhler, and Tim McCue for your dedication and heart-felt work.