Real Estate Innovation, Opportunity and Investment Summit

Emily attended the National Association of Realtor’s IoI in San Francisco in early September. The Summit offered many insights into the role of the NAR in investing in technologies that will further the Real Estate Industry and not just those intended to keep the status quo. The CEO of spoke, as well as the customer lead for Google. I would recommend that everyone listen to the following presenters:

Real Estate revolution
Marketing to the real estate industry
Defining the Future of Real Estate Tech together
The future of real estate search
Disruptor or Innovator
Future of Real Estate: An Investor view

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OECD Blockchain Forum Paris September 2018

Emily attended the OECD Blockchain forum with Dr. Jane Thomason and others. Dr. Thomason described the event quite eloquently: “At a watershed Global Forum convened by the OECD, 1,000 people from 70 countries converged to have the first serious global conversation about Blockchain and its potential, risks and opportunities. It was a very different crowd from the usual Blockchain Conference – more suits, less crypto-bling and a serious contemplation of what a digital future means for the world.: As part of Emily’s focus on the international players in this space, this was a beginning for concrete discussions amongst governments and practioners, which means blockchain/crypto are moving into the mainstream of international dialogue.

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Emily speaks on Blockchain Panel

Emily spoke on a panel in London with experts about the regulatory framework for ICOs. Her main points are that where the regulations are not clear, it is difficult for operations. Companies must operate where they have clarity and can fulfill legal and regulatory obligations. While the US regulatory environment is currently complex (with the number of regulators involved) and not clear, innovation is moving elsewhere.