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“Ninja” sales training changes your mindset, flow, business plan, customer interactions, selling process, buying process, negotiating skills.

Sotheby’s Ninja Training Class

With trepidation, feeling ‘too old’ to be trained, Emily signed up for the Sotheby’s Ninja training class.  After 4 days of absolutely energized training, she came out with a new philosophy, attitude, and actions to focus her real estate career in Naples, Florida.  Ninja is a “path”, not an “event”, a lifestyle for sales.  It focuses on the “power of incremental change” that requires the participant to walk it.  To follow the path requires repetition and passion to follow the ideas set forward.  What Emily gained will hopefully assist her real estate endeavors in a way that was not previously possible.

Thus far in 2019, Emily and her real estate partner Werner Schroeder have sold over $3.5 million of real estate in Naples Florida with another $3 million listed.  With Ninja training, this number could double in a year.