Emily in Gibraltar — Crypto Conference

Gibraltar Crypto Conference

Emily led a discussion on Business Continuity planning at the Gibraltar Crypto Conference.

Business 101

Continuity of Business is plaguing our industry. Event after event is occurring and companies are faltering, imploding, and otherwise ceasing to exist. For established companies in our space, there is an element of Business 101 that is missing:  Plans for business continuity in the face of imploding risks.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is not a luxury. It is the cost of doing business that protects both the company, employees, and investors. Plans are required to be made and practised ensuring that ‘whatever’ the cause of the disruption – foreseen or unforeseen – can be mitigated.  While the risks may not all be able to be quantified or even determined, disruptions to operations can easily take down the unprepared.